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Today the world is dominated by web. Every business is now conducted globally using the web. In this digital world, the online presence on the web is very important for every organization to advertise, promote and sell their products and services to worldwide user. Web designing or web development is a short term professional job oriented course. There are huge opportunities available for the students who want to work in this field. Many private and public organizations hires web designer for their online work and website development. With the rapid advent of online industry, the demand of web development professionals is increasing and this has created a huge job opportunities for the aspirants in the upcoming days.

Web Design & Development are two different functions, which may or may not be performed by same individual.

Web Designer duties and responsibilities :

  • Designing engaging and responsive landing pages.
  • Integrating client CMS programs and data feeds into websites.
  • Optimising sites for maximum speed and scalability.
  • Employing industry and design best practice through website build process.
  • Conducting website testing.
  • Liaising with back-end developers to ensure web and app logic is properly integrated.
  • Ensuring website function and stability across devices i.e. desktop, mobile, tablet.
  • Working with marketing and research teams to incorporate brand elements and relevant market research findings into website.
  • Providing internal support and external customer service throughout the build and launch process of the website.

Web Developer duties and responsibilities :

  • Know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other relevant web design coding languages.
  • Create and test applications for websites.
  • Collaborate.
  • Present design specs.
  • Work with graphics and other designers.
  • Troubleshoot website problems.
  • Maintain and update websites.
  • Monitor website traffic.
  • Stay up-to-date on technology.

Career Oppurtunities & Salaries in Web Design & Development field:

Career Oppurtunities : Web Designer, UI Designer, Layout Designer, Flash Animator, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, SEO Consultant, Content Management, System Specialist.

Salaries of Web Designer : The average salary of entry-level web designer salary in India is ₹195,857. An average web designer salary in India is Rs 285,645 per annum. The salary could vary from Rs. 118,000 to about Rs. 634,000 per annum depending on factors like location, experience level, company profile, etc.

Salaries of Web Developer : The average entry-level web developer’s salary in India is ₹232,074. Average Web Developer Salary in India is Rs. 308,040 per annum.

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